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Lisa Steinhauer

Niki provided support during pregnancy by sharing various breathing techniques and hypnobirthing videos that I found helpful. She consulted with me via video calls and listened to my goals and concerns in addition to providing me guidance through the difficult decisions to be made throughout my pregnancy (My baby was breech until the very end of pregnancy, causing me some extra stress!). Niki knew one big concern I had was that my husband would feel replaced by having a doula in the room during labor. She did such a great job teaming up with my husband when the time came. She actually helped me to feel even more bonded to my husband and made us both feel supported. Most importantly, I was able to achieve my natural delivery dream thanks to her amazing help.  She brought so many ideas for positions to try, massage techniques, aromatherapy, and more that I would never have even thought of on my own. It was her guidance and thoughtfulness that allowed me to reach my goals. It’s been a few weeks since I delivered, and I’m still so amazed at how Niki kept me focused and calm during labor. It was a life-changing and empowering experience that I will never forget. If I ever have another baby, I will look forward to calling Niki right away. I absolutely recommend her to anyone interested in a doula!!!

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